Deaths in Haryana

October 26, 2002

Last week in the village Duliara near Jajjar in Haryana, a number of villagers attacked some people who, it is claimed, had having skinned alive cows were carrying the cowhides in a truck. In this attack five people were brutally murdered.

Irrespective of the circumstances leading to this ghastly incident, however, we condemn all killings and all unlawful activities. We call for full and appropriate punishment to those who are guilty.

The reports suggest that people of all castes were involved in this unfortunate incident and that amongst the five who died was a Brahmin. It is very unfortunate that certain sections of the media and some politicians have attempted to associate VHP-India with this episode and to present it as a case of `Upper caste’ Hindus attacking `Dalits’.

VHP(UK) unequivocally condemns all acts of discrimination or violence on the basis of caste, gender or faith.

From times immemorial, the cow has been regarded with affection and reverence by Indians, particularly Hindus, and given the status of mother. Any harmful action against the cow is regarded with abhorrence. We ask the Government of India to ensure that animals, especially the cows, are not subjected to acts of cruelty.

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