About VHP


VHP is an autonomous body operating at national and international level.


The International Co-ordinating Committee of Vishwa Hindu Parishad in Bhaarat (India) liaises with the VHP in various countries. Its activities are streamlined through five zones that cover the globe and broadly correspond with the continents. In each country, the local organisation works independently in pursuit of the objectives of the VHP in harmony with the laws of that country. The international objectives and activities are as follows:-


  1. Raising among Hindus awareness of Dharma, its tenets, traditions and customs.
  2. Providing social service to those in need (sewa)
  3. Establishing and strengthening links with other faith groups
  4. Working to create an effective voice for the Hindu community world-wide
  5. Training Hindu priests. The focus of activities is on promoting Hindu Dharma and culture. These include training Hindu priests to provide a service at the temples and to Hindu families in Bhaarat as well as, and especially, in other countries where there is a great, unmet need for such priests.
  6. Co-ordinating with VHP organisations based in various countries, and to offer support in all activities consistent with its objectives


  • Dharma Jagran Sant Mandal: a body of religious leaders from all schools of Dharma that have originated in Bhaarat; it guides and supports the Parishad in pursuing its various objectives.
  • Hindu Heritage Pratishthaan: works to promote Hindu dharma and culture.
  • Vishwa Dharma Prasaar Yaatraa: Taking the Hindu religious leaders, swamis and mahaatmaas to various countries so that the Hindus in these countries can benefit from their discourses and blessings.

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