Census 2021

The Hindu Mandir Network in conjunction with the National Council of Hindu Temples (NCHT) organised a webinar on the subject of the Census 2021. 75 participants from mandirs across the UK participated in the online event on 20 Feb 2021.

The Office of National Statistics (ONS) is in charge of conducting the Census. Shri Harkishan Mistry, the official representative of ONS, gave an insightful presentation about the Census which is happening on 21st March 2021. In particular he explained how the Census data is used by local and central Government to provide for the needs of the community including places of worship, community centres, schools, care homes etc. He then stressed why it is important that Indians / Hindus are properly recorded on the Census and about the importance for all the Indian community to take part in completing the Census form.

There was discussion and special focus on the 4 key questions of National Identity, Ethnicity, Religion and Language that affect the Hindu community. Using posters  and videos  that are widely available the audience was informed about how the answers would affect their community’s representation in the future when local and central government makes decisions on funding for places of worship, community centres, schools, care homes etc.

Mandir Executives were urged to cascade the importance of the Census to their congregations and Hindu communities in their area.

We have made the posters and videos available for download from our website.
Please click here to access them.

Further information about the Census is available on the Census Website – www.census.gov.uk

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Poster for Gujarati Language

Poster for Bengali Language


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