Issues Concerning British Hindus

We are not `Asians’ but British Hindus.
All British schools should allow teaching of Hinduism and Indian languages (Sanskrit, Hindi, Punjabi, Bengali and Tamil) at GCSE, AA and A2 level.
Hindu vegetarian meals and Indian language translators should be provided at all hospitals.
Arranged marriages should not be confused with forced marriages.
Caste System:
VHP(UK), indeed VHP world over, is committed to the eradication of the practice of untouchability and caste based discrimination.
VHP(UK) condemns all terrorist activities and urges British Government to take steps to ensure security of Hindus places of worship and bring to justice those who take part in attacks on Hindu places of worship. VHP(UK) is particularly concerned that innocent Hindu population have been targetted in Kashmir, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Fiji and other countries. VHP(UK) will continue to raise its voice in support of those who have been adversely affected by the actions of terrorists driven by religious intolerance.
Hindus all over the world attach tremenduous sentimental and religious value to the birthplace of Shri Rama and regard it as one of the holiest places. VHP(UK) urges the Governmnet of India to resolve the land dispute and help build an appropriate religious monumnet in form of a mandir/temple.
British Hindus strongly feel that Kashmir is an integral part of India with its people and places of great historical and religious importance to Hindus. We condemn the terrorist activities which have displaced Hindus particularly the Kashmiri Pundits from their homes in Kashmir.

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