In accordance with the aims and objectives stated in the constitution, VHP (UK) undertakes various activities:

  1. Supports, and helps maintain and protect, various activities for teaching the principles and practice of Hindu Dharma and culture.
  2. Ensures that Religious Education in British schools and other educational institutions includes education about Hindu dharma that is adequate and accurate – further information is given under “Religious Education”.
  3. In pursuit of the above, encourages participation of Hindus in Standing Advisory Councils on Religious Education (SACREs).
  4. Supports and promotes various charitable activities. [Details given later under: “VHP _ Charity Serving Mankind”]
  5. Supports activities that promote unity among Hindus.
  6. Seeks correct portrayal of Hindus by the media, in particular to the contribution made by Hindus in economic and other spheres. It is due to the eternal values taught by sanaatan dharma that law and order problems are virtually absent within the Hindu society in Britain.
  7. Seeks to resist injustice and discrimination on religious and racial grounds.
  8. Supports legally permissible protests against events, writings or statements that attempt to malign, misportray or defame Hindu dharma.
  9. Seeks equal opportunities for Hindus in the UK _ in appointments, Government funding, etc. Seeks consulta tion with Government Agencies and Authorities on policy matters.
  10. Promotes various activities in the field of health and welfare, especially relating to children, the elderly and the disabled. This includes providing cultural and religious support to those in need of the same, especially in hospitals, prisons and Homes for the elderly and infirm
  11. Encourages participation in activities that promote racial harmony, and supports inter-faith dialogue. VHP (UK) is a member of the Interfaith Network for the U.K.
  12. Organises the celebration of various Hindu festivals like Janma-ashtami, Raama-navami, Navaraatri, and Diwali. At these functions, emphasis is more on participa tion by families rather than by individuals.

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